Collection TimesEdit

You might have noticed by now that coin box hovering over your Muppet's head. What does this mean? It means that your Muppet has collected coins at half or more of its maximum coins. But not every Muppet has the box at the same time unless you are checking in many hours apart. Use these charts to help you find your best time to collect by considering your Muppets Maximums relative to your other Muppets.

How Often Should I Collect?Edit

Muppets are grouped together around certain times - generally according to their Dressing Rooms.. Single-dressers like Rowlf and Animal go together with frequent coin-collections to optimize their output. Triple-Dressers like Kermit or Miss Piggy can be collected from far less often and still not Max Out.

So if you are in My Muppet Show very, very often; choose single-dressers for the highest return, otherwise bide your time with 2- and 3- Dressers.

And if you collect only once a day or less - and you can afford the steep price of admission - then Muppet Man is the 'Structure' for you. Collect once a day and he gives you 362,880 Coins - that's 72,576 Coins per day per dressing room. The next best once-a-day Collection in the Muppet Theater is Fozzie. Fozzie maxes out at 29,280 coins which translates to 9,760 Coins per dressing room per day.

Example: If you like Animal and have whole Stages filled with his furry red fury, the earnings can be high. If you played for a manic 24 hours straight, here's your return when collecting every so-many hours. The quick drop in returns is seen after 45 minutes.

60 ANIMALs: Muppet Theater MAX COIN: 3,660 Time: 39 min 3Like.heart RATE: 94Coin
24 Hour Income Collecting Every:
12 hour 6 hour 3 hour 1.5 hour 45 min 30 min
439,200 878,400 1,756,800 3,513,600 7,027,200 8,121,600

The income drops off very quickly below one Collection per-hour. A look at the charts below will demonstrate this, where the player is best served choosing a Collection Time where the majority of their Muppets are showing a Coin icon, but haven't yet stopped earning.
Collecting coins less often than 2 hours - check the 2 hour bar on the graph and see where your Muppets lay. If you're in the red (Maxed Out) then your gameplay relies more heavily on the Coin Maximums of your Muppets, which are found in Ranking Muppets By Max Coins.

Theater Collection Timing
Kitchen Collection Timing
Rooftop Collection Timing
Ship Collection Timing
Big House Collection Timing

Which are the Best MuppetsEdit

Which Muppets generate the most coins? Might as well ask which one has the best song. So many variables! Collection time is the key, and 'Likes', and Dressing Rooms. Look at Increasing Coins to get more from the Muppets and learn How to Use the 'By Dressing Room' Table.