A Muppet with 4Like.heart will earn Coins at their highest Rate. Each 'Like' they lack costs Coins. However, it doesn't affect the Max Coins.

Each Muppet has a secret Like, that can be found by clicking on the ? icon in their Market Bio - at a cost of Five Diamonds. Alternatively, you can find the Secret Like here for free.

A 'Likes' Strategy can be found at The 'Likes' Cycle.

Muppet TheaterEdit

Animal: Big Mo, Extra Drums, Electric Mayhem Sign, Miniature Amp

Beauregard SE: Miss Piggy, Bubble Machine, Reception Desk, Microphone

Big Mo: Durwood Clapper, Miniature Amp, Cannon, Extra Drums

The Divettes: Miss Piggy, Bubble Machine, Vanity, Bust of Beethoven

Durwood Clapper: Extra Drums, Snowth, Swampy Banjo Stand, Jax Strumley

Floyd: Zoot, Amp, Floor Lights, Miniature Amp

Fozzie: Sam Eagle, Reception Desk, Durwood Clapper, Rainbow Setpiece

Gonzo: Floyd, Cannon, Bubble Machine, Floor Lights

Janice SE: Bust of Beethoven, Floor Lights, Floyd, Miniature Amp

Jax Strumley: Fog Machine, Floor Lights, Bubble Machine, Big Mo

Kermit: Fozzie, Swampy Banjo Stand, Bust of Beethoven, Reception Desk

Mahna Mahna: Snowth, Rainbow Setpiece, Amp, Vanity

Miss Piggy: Kermit, Vanity, Microphone, The Divettes

Rats: Gonzo, Floyd, Cannon, Candelabra

Rowlf: Rats, Candelabra, Fog Machine, Presidential Pennant

Sam Eagle: Podium, Presidential Pennant, Bust of Beethoven, Jax Strumley

Snowth: Mahna Mahna, Fog Machine, Presidential Pennant, Sam Eagle

Zoot: Rainbow Setpiece, Animal, Electric Mayhem Sign, Floor Lights


Animal: Big Mo, Kitchen Sink, Cannon, Electric Mayhem Sign

Beaker: Chickens, Fog Machine, Reception Desk, Gorilla Detector

Big Mo: Swedish Chef, Chicken Coop, Cannon, Studio Lights

Chickens: Rizzo, Amp, Chicken Coop, Chickee-in-the-Baskee

The Divettes: Kizzy, Bubble Machine, Director's Chair, Bust of Beethoven

Floyd: Zoot, Amp, Banjo Stand, Studio Light

Gonzo: The Divettes, Banjo Stand, Bust of Bethoven, Reception Desk

Jax Strumley: Fog Machine, Studio Light, Bubble Machine, Big Mo

Kermit: The Divettes, Banjo Stand, Bust of Beethoven, Reception Desk

Kizzy: Jax Strumley, Bust of Beethoven, Cactus, Candelabra

Lew Zealand SE: Chickee-in-the-Baskee, Studio Light, Gorilla Detector, Kermit

Marvin Suggs SE: Beaker, Director's Chair, Electric Mayhem Sign, Fork

Rizzo: Gonzo, Director's Chair, Studio Lights, Kitchen Sink

Rowlf: Walter, Candelabra, Fog Machine, Studio Light

Swedish Chef: Fork, Veggies, Chickee-in-the-Baskee, Chicken Coop

Veggies: Rowlf, Kitchen Sink, Cactus, Fork

Walter: Kermit, Studio Lights, Banjo Stand, Gorilla Detector

Zoot: Cactus, Animal, Electric Mayhem Sign, Candelabra


Animal: Durwood Clapper. Bubble Machine, Extra Drums, Giant Prune

Beaker: Kermit, Fog Machine, Lab, Gorilla Detector

Bloosman: Vanity, Floor Lights, Zoot, Amp

Dr. Teeth: Kizzy, Electric Mayhem Sign, Amp, Floor Lights

Durwood Clapper: Sam Eagle, Extra Drums, Bass Stand, Lab

Floyd SE: Janice, Giant Prune, Bass Stand, Lab

Gonzo SE: Kermit, Amp, Floor Lights, Bubble Machine

Janice: Pepe, Bass Stand, Seamstress Mannequin, Electric Mayhem Sign

Jax Strumley: Floor Lights, Bloosman, Bubble Machine, Director's Chair

Kermit: Beaker, Director's Chair, Microphone, Giant Prune

Kizzy: Janice, Chicken Coop, Cactus, Seamstress Mannequin

Mahna Mahna: Snowth, Vanity, Amp, Bubble Machine

Pepe: Dr. Teeth, Giant Prune, Seamstress Mannequin, Vanity

Rowlf: Veggies, Fog Machine, Chicken Coop, Bass Stand

Sam Eagle: Jax Strumley, Extra Drums, Microphone, Director's Chair

Snowth: Fog Machine. Chicken Coop, Mahna Mahna, Gorilla Detector

Veggies: Rowlf, Lab, Cactus, Gorilla Detector

Zoot: Animal, Cactus, Electric Mayhem Sign, Microphone

The ShipEdit

1880's Robot: Kizzy, Banjo Stand, Rainbow Setpiece, Floor Lights

Boomer: Pepe, Crow's Nest, Floor Lights, Cannon

Camilla: Chickens, Figurehead, Chicken Coop, Chickee-in-the-Baskee

Chickens: Camilla, Treasure Chest, Chicken Coop, Chickee-in-the-Baskee

Crazy Harry: 1880's Robot, Crow's Nest, Fog Machine, Cannon

Fozzie: Rowlf, Rainbow Setpiece, Fork, Podium

Hera Thump: Boomer, Crow's Nest, Candelabra, Fog Machine

Kermit: Miss Piggy, Fork, Figurehead, Banjo Stand

Kizzy: Crazy Harry, Chickee-in-the-Baskee, Figurehead, Bubble Machine

Miss Piggy: Kermit, Bubble Machine, Microphone, Floor Lights

Myron Bellows: Fozzie, Amp, Bubble Machine, Rainbow Setpiece

The Newsman: Sam Eagle, Podium, Amp, Microphone

Pepe: Hera Thump, Treasure Chest, Banjo Stand, Fork

Rats: Myron Bellows, Cannon, Candelabra, Treasure Chest

Rowlf: Rats, Candelabra, Chicken Coop, Fog Machine

Sam Eagle: The Newsman, Microphone, Podium, Amp

SweetumsSE: Rowlf, Podium, Figurehead, Treasure Chest

Big HouseEdit

Animal: Extra Drums, Big Mo, Cannon, Prisoner Transport

Rowlf: Sweetums, Fog Machine, Studio Light, Bust of Beethoven

Floyd: Studio Light, Banjo Stand, Prisoner Transport, Animal

Swedish Chef: Chickens, Chicken Coop, Podium, Bust of Beethoven

Chickens: Swedish Chef, Chicken Coop, Microphone, Giant Badge

Kizzy: Chicken Coop, Bust of Beethoven, Miss Piggy, Giant Badge

Snowth: Mahna Mahna, Fog Machine, Gorilla Detector, Crown Jewels

Durwood Clapper: Extra Drums, Crown of Sporks Monument, Banjo Stand, Crown of Spork Monument

Big Mo: Durwood Clapper, Cannon, Extra Drums, Studio Light

Rats: Floyd, Cannon, Rizzo, Police Car

Sweetums: Police Car, Rowlf, Kizzy, Podium

Rizzo: Rats, Crown Jewels, Prisoner Transport, Crown of Spork Monument

Mahna Mahna: Snowth, Police Car, Podium, Microphone

Walter: Shrine to Kermit, Banjo Stand, Gorilla Detector, Beaker

Miss Piggy: Shrine to Kermit, Microphone, Crown Jewels, Shrine to Kermit

Beaker: Gorilla Detector, Fog Machine, Walter, Giant Badge

Constantine: Crown of Sporks Monument, Prisoner Transport, Shrine to Kermit, Crown Jewels

Dr. TeethSE: Kizzy, Studio Light, Bust of Beethoven, Fog Machine

SE = Special Edition; Muppet only available for a limited time