There are never enough Dressing Rooms. Each stage starts with only 4, which could barely hold a single Crazy Harry! (Did somebody say Bang?). Some of the first purchases of the game need to be Dressing Room Upgrades - they take time to complete. And a players first purchase with Diamonds will most likely be the final upgrade to 60 Rooms.

Fill All Dressing RoomsEdit

As you digitize Muppets, fill every empty Dressing Room without exception - even with HARV-E's 'mistakes' - because an empty Dressing Room is not earning any Coins. Bringing an unwanted Muppet up to Level 6, for example, needs 320 Food per Dressing Room and earns an average of 30 Coin Per Dressing Room. Thinking of return-on-investment; that 3200 Coin will be paid back by the Muppet in slightly less than 107 minutes.

No More Room!Edit

If there's no more space in the Theater, a few options are available.

  • Upgrade! Are there any Upgrades left?
  • Try Swapping Muppets - high earners for lower.
  • Keep HARV-E Rolling! Dismissed Muppets often pay well.

Dressing Room Upgrade CostsEdit

Stage First Upgrade Time Total Cost




Total XP
Muppet Theater 150 Coin 10 sec 16,150 Coin 20 Diamond 13,075 Xp clipped rev 1
Kitchen 15,000 Coin 8 hrs 165,000 Coin 25 Diamond 120,000 Xp clipped rev 1
Big House 15,000 Coin 8 hrs 165,000 Coin 25 Diamond 120,000 Xp clipped rev 1
Rooftop 100,000 Coin 16 hrs 550,000 Coin 30 Diamond 362,500 Xp clipped rev 1
The Ship 275,000 Coin 24 hrs 1,850,000 Coin 35 Diamond 1,250,000 Xp clipped rev 1