His Uncle might have got him the job, but Scooter is still the best Gofer that The Muppet Show has ever had. Not only that, but he holds onto your XP with a velvet fist.

Get All _______ Muppets to Level 15Edit

The 'All Muppets Level 15' Goal only appears with Scooter once one of each Muppet is Digitized on a Stage. The goal is to promote one of each Stage Muppet seen in the Market to Level 15 - at a very High Food Cost! (Special Edition Muppets are not required for this Goal.)

Only after the Goal has appeared on Scooter's list - Scooter will remember any Level 15 Muppet that is dismissed. If a player is out to Optimize the Earning of Coins, this strategy may be of use.

Otherwise a player may ask, "Why would I Dismiss a Level 15 Muppet?!" Why would I Swap Muppets?

The LVL is MAX, Captain!!Edit

Is the Level.max and the Rooftop Muppets have just all reached Level 15? If you claim your Achievements 10Diamond then you lose out on the 1,500,000 XP!


Don't hold back on that final Muppet - just Bank it with Scooter! Leave the Goal uncollected until the Game Level counts XP again; Scooter'll hang onto it.

One Level Closes, And Another Level Opens...Edit


NOTE: Since the launch of the game, each time the LVL has been unlocked, it's heralded a new stage coming. When that happens, it's time to fire up the Concession Stands.

You can even get an XP jump on the next LVL freeing. Check the calendar - there's a stage released at the start of each season;

September 2013 The Rooftop
December 2013 The Ship
March 2014 The Big House
Unknown Date ? ? ? ? ? ?

For a player who's reached Level 30, order up a squadron of Pancakes and let them stay warm on the Concession Stands until a new stage is released. Just place the Concession Stands away from the Muppets, Digitizer, and Constantine's hideouts; that way they won't be tapped by accident!

Five stands times five stages times 2.5 million Xp clipped rev 1, that's... carry the one... I before E... That's a lot of Xp clipped rev 1!